Plus: Rome! And "The Four Questions" interview with Ellie Krieger
Plus: two weeks of solo parenting, an incomplete list
Egg Noodles + Buttery Turnips + Creme Fraiche + Lemon + Chili Flakes
Plus: Climate wisdom from Pirkei Avot, James Baldwin, and Rebecca Solnit
Plus: "The Four Questions" interview with Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman
The mocha egg cream shakerato you didn't know you needed. (You do.)
Plus: Oh hey again FOMO. I didn't miss you.
Plus: borscht crostini, smoked trout canapes, and win a cookbook!
6 ingredients, 30 minutes, and no ice cream maker required
And making space for softness amidst grief and anger
Plus: Meet Pasta Social Club's Meryl Feinstein!
Oh hello, new favorite sandwich